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I’m Eulalia Mejia also known as Happy Chinchilla around the internet. I’m a graphic designer turned Illustrator, I currently live in a small rural town near Medellín, Colombia, South America, where I share my home with 2 lovely mixed doggies, 2 hyperactive kitties and my human boyfriend.

I graduated as a graphic designer a long time ago, worked several years for the fashion industry as an in-house graphic designer in different companies and after awhile I decided to start working as a freelance illustrator. Since moving to the country I have rekindled my love of making: drawing, painting, designing, sewing, stitching and constructing have become part of my daily life.

My dream is to bring a little cheer to daily life by designing playful illustrations for fun-loving people. I truly believe that we are never too old to be amazed by everyday life, surrounding ourselves with beauty is a great way to remind us there can be magic in the world.

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